Do you need the services of an experienced business lawyer inn Glendale, CA? The law offices of Albert Abkarian and Associates offers its clients the many benefits of a highly focused, small-sized business firm, but with all of the important advantages of top national law firm experience. In fact, Albert Abkarian was voted top 100 National Trial Lawyer 2012/2013.
Albert Abkarian and Associates’s business attorney in Glendale, CA focuses on business disputes and complex litigation matters, and offers substantial experience in trials, arbitration and mediation of business cases. Abkarian Law’s practice areas include:
– Representation of your Company as Corporate Counsel through all litigation matters
– Formation of Corporation, LLP’s and LLC’s
– Review and update of Corporate, LLC and LLP documents to insure compliance
– Formation and Review of complex business contracts
– Litigation of Business disputes, including trial, arbitration and mediation.
– Contractor and owner disputes
– Majority or minority Shareholder lawsuit against the company or its officers
– Complex litigation of any dispute and appeals
If you would like to learn more about hiring an attorney from Abkarian Law in Glendale, CA, feel free to visit them on the Web at, or call 818-248-8555 to speak with Albert Abkarian directly and arrange for a free consultation.
Albert Abkarian & Associates have also been rated ‘Top Personal Injury Lawyer’ in California, with 23 years of experience in personal injury cases. Since its inception, the firm has dedicated its time in providing the resources of a large firm, while maintaining the personalized service and cost-effectiveness of a small firm. Attorney Abkarian takes pride in providing one on one personal attention to each and every client. His areas of concentration in personal injury include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death and worker’s compensation accidents. No other attorney in Glendale, CA can offer the same level of expertise and experience.
If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident and are seeking an attorney in the Glendale, CA area, you should know that Albert Abkarian and Associates have the skills and knowledge to handle your case. If there is no recovery for your case, there is no fee.
Albert Abkarian understands that you may not be able to walk into his office after an accident. That’s why his firm offers a free consultation about your case wherever it happens to be most convenient for you- whether that’s in your home, your place of employment, or the hospital. His firm has handled thousands of injury cases with successful settlements, with a 99.4% success rate. Over the past 23 years, millions of dollars have been won for their clients. With the excellent reputation that Abkarian Law holds, they are able to advance your case expenses.
When you need to hire the best business lawyer in Glendale, CA, call the offices of Albert Abkarian & Associates at 818-248-8555, or visit their Web site from the comfort of your home, and fill in a report to tell them about your case. You’re going to rest easier knowing that the most experienced attorney in Glendale, CA is handling your case.
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