Grant, Funding & Financing Opportunities for Canadian Business

Grants, Funding & Financing

Financial opportunities are available to your business right now. Conceptinero helps you find and secure government and corporate grants, private capital and other financing alternatives to the big banks.
Government Grants, Credits & Incentives: SR&ED and OIDMTC are the tip of the iceberg. At almost every level, governments encourage your hard work and initiative with benefits across a broad range of sectors.
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IRAP: The Industrial Research Assistance Program is one of Canada’s best funding programs for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers assistance for technology innovation initiatives, for hiring young people and for adopting digital technology.
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Corporate Grants: Many corporations offer grants and seed capital for small businesses.
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Private Investors: Private capital is out there looking for opportunities like yours.
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Third-Party Loan Providers: You have options for secure business financing from sources outside the big banks. And they are easier, faster and less intrusive too.
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$30 Billion
You may have many other financing opportunities depending on your business. Conservative estimates place the pool of incentives, grants and financing available to small and medium-sized Canadian businesses at $30 Billion. It’s your company’s opportunity to reduce the risks and costs of reaching its full potential, and Conceptinero helps you get there.
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It was a pleasure working with Kevin. Very professional, and with his efforts, our submission was on time and extremely detailed. I would not hesitate to work with Kevin again.
Michael Booth
Seven Reasons to Choose Conceptinero Approach

Unmatched expertise and experience in the fast and efficient application for and securing of financing for your business from a wide variety of sources, grants, loans and investment.

We find the best funding and financing opportunities for your business..
We have experience and expertise in the full spectrum of business funding options.
You get all the information and assistance you need to apply for and secure funds, often from more than one source.
We have an excellent working relationship with government sources of grants, rebates and incentive.
We have successful partnerships with a range of preferred loan providers.
The opportunities are always changing and we stay on top of new sources of financing as they arise.
You get personal, end-to-end service. We make it easy for you to take advantage of the financing opportunities available to your business.

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