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Get a Tax Refund for Your Research & Development

At Conceptinero our SR&ED consultants specialize in the Medical Science,
Software and Manufacturing industries.
We get CRA to refund up to 65% of your  development costs.

Don’t Be Frustrated With the Complexity of Applying for SR&ED

Business owners tell us they want to get as much of their R&D reimbursed from the CRA as possible, but find it difficult to submit tax claims that stand up to the scrutiny of the CRA. Many companies have had a bad experience with SR&ED consulting firms who have filed a claim on their behalf.
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Being passed around

It’s frustrating when consulting firms pass you around from one person to the next, resulting in more work for you.

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Having to do the heavy lifting

SR&ED consulting firms may want your team to create the technical project description and prepare all documentation.

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No IT or software experience

SR&ED consultants often find it hard to identify what fits the definition of SR&ED. There is a shortage of experienced consultants.

About Conceptinero

We are a full-service SR&ED Consulting Firm specialized in the software industry.

We engage with you to assess the technical and financial viability and make sure your claim gets approved by CRA with minimal audit risk.

Unlike larger SR&ED consulting firms, we offer full service from an individual consultant who gets to know your team and fully manages your CRA claim.

We don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting, which means maximum results with minimal input from your team so you can focus on the business.

Why Choose Conceptinero

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Dedicated Consultant

You get full service from a dedicated consultant who will be with you from start to end.

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Success Fee

Our fee structure means we only get paid when you get paid. It's a win-win situation for you.

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95% Success Rate

We have submitted $50 Million in claims to CRA. Over 320 were Accepted As Filed, for an average $146,000 per company!

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Industry Focus

We focus on IT-related claims, Manufacturing and Medical Industries. We specialize in these industries and we know the CRA.

4 Steps to Get a SR&ED Tax Credit From CRA

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We do an in-depth assessment of your software R&D.

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Make a Plan

We create a framework for easy tracking of relevant information.

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Submit Claim

We help your accountant to file a SR&ED claim on your behalf and we handle all correspondence with CRA.

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Get Paid

We make sure you get paid. If there is an audit we'll make sure you are ready for it.

So, Book Your Free Strategy Session Now

Let’s talk about getting your tax refund from CRA. Click the button below for a free strategy
session. You can stop being frustrated with the complexity of applying for SR&ED tax refunds, and
instead have let our consultant fully manages your CRA claim so you can focus on your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have a 94.25% success rate in submitting SR&ED claims for our clients.
Our clients get substantial tax refunds from CRA.

“Kevin was able to navigate with confidence and clarity the twists and turns of the SR&ED process, and at the same time quickly apply the SRED filter to our Internet Security Technology development. He gives sound advice and looks for how to best represent the work done in the succinct format required. His personable touch and interview skills with our technical team are the best I’ve seen and saved us a tonne of time. Highly recommended for any company doing SR&ED.”

It was a pleasure working with Kevin. Very professional, and with his efforts, our SR&ED submission related to our Internet Mailing Engine was on time and extremely detailed. I would not hesitate to work with Kevin again.”

“Our Programmatic Advertising company has worked with Conceptinero for a number of years to help us file claims in the SR&ED program. Mike stays on top of the work and manages the project well. He has in-depth knowledge of the SR&ED process and knows exactly what the CRA is looking for. He was able to put the material together and do a technical write-up in the way the government likes to see it. He guided us through a CRA audit and knows just how much he can push the officials. We have been successful in all our SR&ED claims and I highly recommend Conceptinero.”